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PostSubject: Forum Management   Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:50 pm

Welcome to the Vision From Feeling Forum (VFF Forum)!
This Forum is intended as a platform for discussions relating to VFF the claim, the person, the investigation, and the controversy, and is open to any and all Members so long as they can abide by the Forum Rules. Please note that to participate in these discussions you are not required to believe in the claims of VFF nor to have any particular set of beliefs or opinions. The VFF Forum welcomes diversity from a wide variety of people and with a wide range of ideas. There is also a Non-VFF Topics Forum in which most other topics of discussion may be held by Forum Members, so long as they follow the Forum Rules.

My name is Anita Ikonen and I am the Administrator (Admin) of the VFF Forum. I also hold here the Membership account of VisionFromFeeling, who is the same physical person as I. Do note that I hold my role as Admin as separate from my personal Membership of VisionFromFeeling. It is my task to act as Admin in a manner that is entirely impersonal, impartial, and fully objective in Admin decisions and actions here in the Forum. For all intents and purposes you may pretend that Admin and VisionFromFeeling are two different people - that is what I do! For instance, Admin may agree with a Member whereas VisionFromFeeling might not. Please understand that the personal relations between VisionFromFeeling and other Forum Members will not affect the way Admin will treat that Member.

New Members:
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Forum and its features available to you by reading Forum Management. It describes how the Forum is set up and will answer many of your questions. Being familiar with its content will benefit your experience with this Forum.

Also please note the Forum Rules. You are required to abide by them when you post any content in the Forum as a Forum Member. Content includes images, text, your profile, private messages, and any other content posted by a Member in this Forum.

A list of all the smilies available in our Smilies Catalogue as well as their shortcuts.

Guest Readers:
Dear Guest readers, who are not visiting under a registered Forum Membership, please also note the Forum Management section to help you understand how the Forum works and to notify you of what areas and features are disabled for you as a non-Member. You may also want to read the Forum Rules; although you are unable to post any content and are thus unable to break any Forum Rules while a Guest, you are welcome to notify the Admin of this Forum if you encounter any identified or suspected rule violations in the Forum content. You are also welcome to contact the Admin with any of your questions, concerns, or comments, at forum@visionfromfeeling.com.

This Forum is associated with VisionFromFeeling.com, which is the paranormal claim that is currently still under investigation by its claimant, Forum Member VisionFromFeeling. Those who know me from before might have already seen this:
Welcome to the VFF Forum,
Vision From Feeling Forum Administrator

Please see Forum Management for a description of Forum features
Please see Forum Rules
A list of Smilie Shortcuts
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Forum Management
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