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 The Third Test

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: A third test soon!
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PostSubject: The Third Test   Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:07 pm

Third Test Protocol Formation
The third test of my claim of health perceptions is soon going to take place. The test protocol still needs to be defined and there are still some questions that need to be worked out. I am hoping for the active engagement by several of the internet-based critical thinkers who love to comment on my work with this claim.

I will throw in the outline of the test as it now stands, and hope that anyone who reads this and sees any valid reasons for objections from a test point of view, and especially who can come up with some suggestions for improvement or problem solving, will step up and make a contribution.

This test promises to provide with a large number of trials in the test. It should illuminate the claim further, and trust me, it is capable of falsifying the claim.

I also want to add that my investigations and tests are not done in an attempt to prepare for some career in pseudoscientific practice. I am purely interested in investigating this claim as a skeptic, and the claim happens to be my own. I believe that by testing claims of the paranormal, such as this one, more can be learned about this otherwise evasive subject, and that, better than anything, will illustrate not only why paranormal claims don't work, but clearly also why they don't work, and what they are instead.
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The Third Test
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